Dashboard Interface

Dashboard Header

The header provides essential functionalities and modules. The visibility of these modules is role-based, ensuring that users have access to the tools they need while maintaining security and organization. The visibility of these modules depends on the user's role within the organization. Below is an overview of each module:

1. Author

  • Description: Authors can create and manage content such as questions, question sets, sections, and rubrics.

2. Deliver

  • Description: Planners can create tests, question sets are added into tests, tests are created, and tests are activated for Candidates.

3. Monitor

  • Description: Invigilators can use tools to track and monitor the performance, progress, and engagement of candidates.

5. Grade

  • Description: Graders can assess and grade submitted work, tests, or assignments.

6. Report

  • Description: Generates detailed reports on various metrics of completed tests.

7. Home

  • Description: Acts as the central hub, providing quick access to the dashboard’s main features and an overview of recent activities.

8.  Settings

  • Description: Provides access to various configuration options, such as User administration, Edit profile, and Language.

9. Alerts

  • Description: Displays important notifications and alerts that require the user’s attention.

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