Test settings - General

When setting up an Inspera Assessment test, there are several options to choose from to create a test that suits your specific needs. 


General settings


Oral exam

This settings hould be enabled only if the test is fully oral, because the student will not be able to interact with the test. If this setting is enabled, the question set you use can only contain the Oral question type.

Author an Oral Exam.

Enable auto submission (home exam)

On tests without Safe Exam Browser (typically home exams), the planner can enable auto submission. The test will then automatically submit when the closing time is reached for each candidate. Until then, the candidates can change their submission an unlimited number of times.

Auto Submission

Thesis (requires activation)

The thesis option is available for some customers. This option does not have any practical impact other than marking the submission as a Master thesis or Bachelor thesis in the API output. 

Grading only - Disable candidates from taking this test online (requires activation)

The purpose of this setting is to register student responses that originate from outside of Inspera. The most common use is handwritten answers that are scanned, or just for recording a grade that will then be available to transfer to external systems by way of integrations or API exports. 

Students will not be able to respond in Inspera if this setting is enabled. Graders and planners will still be able to view the candidate list within the grading module. 

Explanations are also supported for this test type, which means that the candidates can log in and read any explanations as soon as they are sent by the planner or grader. It is currently not possible to share the grade with the student without also sending an explanation


Note: Previously, candidates were not added to the marking tool before a grade was imported via Excel when using this feature. Candidates are now added to the marking tool automatically (applies to Marking 2.0).



This setting requires activation. The setting is visible if your test is connected to an external system, or if you set up the test to assign candidates using test code.

Enabling non-anonymous candidates will show the real names of the candidates for all planners, graders and invigilators throughout the test.
For more information, please see Non-anonymous candidates - before test.

Marking 2.0

As of April 3rd 2020, the new marking tool is open for all. We encourage you to try it out, and remember that you can switch back to the classic tool at any time.

Read more about Marking 2.0.





Test settings explained

This presentation was a part of Inspera Seminar 2020. It walks you through all test settings in Inspera.

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