Test settings - Security

When setting up an Inspera Assessment test, there are several options to choose from to create a test that suits your specific needs.

This article will describe the Security settings. 



Require Lockdown Browser: If your exam will be carried out using Safe Exam Browser (SEB) or/and Inspera Lockdown for Chromebooks, you must check these boxes. When doing this, you must also set an Invigilator Password.

Read more about lockdown tests.

How to install the Inspera Assessment kiosk app.

Read more about Invigilator Password. 

Open Browser - Require Invigilator Password

This feature requires activation.

Inspera offers the option of using an invigilator password for open browser tests. This could be an option for computer lab setups that also have a controlled network that doesn’t allow general access to the Internet.

Request Similarity report

This feature requires activation and a separate agreement with a third-party provider of anti-similarity services.

Once the end time has passed all the submissions will be forwarded to an external provider. Read more about anti-similarity.

ID check:  ID verification is done by checking the student's ID card primarily after the candidate has submitted it. The purpose of the functionality is to prevent the candidates from leaving without having their ID confirmed or rejected. Read the full ID check guide.

Require Day Password: When setting up an open school-based exam, there is a possibility to require a password for candidates to access the exam. Read more about how to use day password.


Invigilator instructions PDF: The invigilator will get the instructions available for download together with the invigilator password. When this becomes available for the invigilator is configurable but the standard is 60 minutes before the test opens. Read more about invigilator instructions.





Test settings explained

This presentation was a part of Inspera Seminar 2020. It walks you through all test settings in Inspera.

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