Bands and Criteria

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Bands and Criteria is a manual strategy to mark items using criteria and bands. Enable graders to mark within categories/criteria and award marks using thresholds/bands per category.

Information: This feature requires activation. To activate, please submit a service request.

How to author a question with Bands and Criteria

Bands and criteria are available for the following manually marked question types:

When using Bands and Criteria marking for a question, this will force the user to set thresholds for the whole test. 

Set marks to Bands and Criteria

  1. Within the question editor, Click on the Marks dropdown menu.
  2. Select Bands and Criteria.
  3. Click on Edit to start.


Name and set marks for Bands and Criteria

  1. Name the criteria
  2. Decide total marks for the criteria
  3. Name the Band (optional)
  4. Fill in the epic text of the band
  5. Give the Band a score (descending order from max marks)


Add additional Bands and Criteria

To add an additional Bands and Criteria, click mceclip1.png Add .


Preview your Bands and Criteria

In Preview, you can see the bands to each criteria. By hovering over the marks, the band to the corresponding mark will be highlighted.

After adding in all Bands and criteria, you'll see the criteria and marks in general settings for the question.




In the example below, we have created a category of Bands and Criteria that goes over Task Achievement.

  1. Criteria name: Task Achievement
  2. Criterion max marks: 10
  3. Band names:
    • Fully satisfies task,
    • Mostly satisfies task
    • Does not satisfy task
  4. Band tasks
    • Fully satisfies all the requirements of the task.
    • Covers most requirements of the task.
    • Covers only some requirements of the task.
  5. Band scores (descending order from max marks)
    • Fully satisfies task (10.00 marks)
    • Mostly satisfies task (7.00 – 9.99 marks)
    • Does not satisfy task (4.00 – 6.99 marks)


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