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Turnitin is a similarity reporting tool that has been added to the Inspera Assessment platform. You can request similarity reports directly within the grading tool. This article will provide you with information on Turnitin, along with a step-by-step tutorial on activating it within your test.

Similarity reports are available for the following Manually marked question types:

Note: TurnItIn will accept any file that is less that 100MB, has a minimum of 20 words, and is less than 800 pages.

How to request a similarity report as a planner

As the Planner of a test, you can request for similarity reports to be generated for all candidate submissions on a test. This is done in the preparation phase, and the reports will be ready for the grader(s) once they start grading. 

Turnitin setup - Deliver test

  1. Set up a test in the Deliver module. 
  2. Under Options, select the Security drop-down and click Request Similarity report
  3. Finish creating the test with your desired settings. 

View similarity reports - Grading

  1. Once the test is closed, select the Grade module and click on your desired test.
  2. Click Grade your candidates
  3. Select your desired candidate.
  4. Within the Grading Candidate page, select a question to view the similarity report.
  5. Click the Similarity check tab.
  6. Click View report to view the similarity report.


Note: It will take up to 15 minutes after the test closes before a similarity report is published. 

How to request a similarity report as a grader

If the Planner has not requested similarity reports in the preparation phase, no reports will be available when opening the Similarity check tab. The grader can click Request report under the Similarity check tab of a candidate's submission, and the report is generated.



Turnitin Viewer

  1. Similarity results will be viewable on the right-hand panel.
  2. You can view additional information such as matching text, top matching source list, additional source information and adjust the similarity report filters.
  3. Click the gear icon for settings where you can exclude search repositories, and exclude from similarity report. 
  4. Click the question mark icon for a tour of the workspace. 


Access Configuration for Similarity Reports

Access to the Similarity Report is configurable. Depending on preferences, you can choose from the following options (please reach out to the Service Desk for customization):

  1. Graders have no access to the similarity report, only Planners can access it.
  2. Graders have access to the similarity report in the Overview section but not while Marking.
  3. Graders have access to the similarity report both in the Overview section and while Marking.




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