Manually marked question. 

The question is answered by writing longer texts. 

Essay is a question type where candidates can write longer texts with the opportunity to use formatting such as tables, LaTex, special symbols and mathematical symbols. The question type also has these options:

  • Limit the maximum number of words
  • Word count
  • Spell checker
  • Expand the writing area in full screen


In the question's edit mode, you can do the following: 


1. Replace text with desired question text.

2. Write the question text in LaTeX mode. Add formulas (LaTex), files, tables, links, image, PDF, audio and / or video clips to the question text.

3. Set general options for the question type. Read more about general options for questions


Specific options

By clicking on the interaction element gives you the specific options for the question type. 


1. Prompt: Write an explanation text for the question. The text will appear in the workspace. "Fill in your answer here" is set by default. 

2. Size: 

  • Set initial number of text lines: How many lines a text box displays / contains in the viewport.
  • Expand automatically: The text box expands automatically when the candidate write over multiple lines.
Note: If the candidate writes more lines than what is set in the number of lines of body text, and expand automatically is not set, the candidate must scroll in the text field to read the entire text. 

Example 1: 10 lines of body text, do not expand automaticallyLangsvar_4_EN.png

Example 2: 10 lines of body text, expand automaticallyLangsvar_5_EN.png


3. Options: 

  • Toolbar layout: Gives you the choice of setting the default or basic toolbar.
    • Default: gives the candidates all the tools in the toolbar.
    • Basic: provides candidates with tools for text formatting and bullet list. All other options are removed, including full-screen mode and the temporary backup button. 

See what the default toolbar contains in Get familiar with the text editor in Essay questions - for candidates

  • Use plain text: Enable to prevent candidates from editing rich text. That is, they are not given the option to use heading formatting, bold, italics, and other formatting options.
  • Limit maximum words: Ensures that candidates cannot write more words than defined in the question. The boundary will be visible to the candidates in the lower right corner of the Essay question, and will be constantly updated with the numbers of words written as the candidate writes. When the limit is reached, the color changes to red and the candidate cannot write any more. Langsvar_6_En.png
  • Show word count: Allows candidates to see how many words they have written. Appears in the right lower corner of the screen. 


3. External identifier: For information on external identifier, read general options for questions



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