QTI conversion from Canvas and Moodle

Information: The feature of importing questions (QTI) requires activation. Contact Inspera Service Desk to activate.

QTI conversion from Canvas and Moodle has been tested with limited content only, and there may be further limitations than what is outlined within the article.

Inspera Assessment (IA) provides user-friendly interfaces to create questions directly in the platform. However, it may be so, that you already have a big question bank outside of IA, which are in formats inconvenient to copy and paste into IA, and in addition exists in a format that can be converted at scale into a structured format.

For this purpose, Inspera provides a free service that will create questions in the IMS QTI 2.1 format, based on input data exported from Canvas or Moodle. It only supports a subset of the question types supported in each of these platforms.


The following specific formats are supported:

  • IMS QTI 1.2 XML, as exported from Canvas (there are also Moodle plugins that claim to export in this format).

  • Moodle Quiz XML format, as described here

The following question types are supported to import to Inspera Assessment from Moodle and Canvas:


Import/Export questions to Inspera - from Moodle and Canvas


Read the article Import questions and questions sets (QTI) to get more information on how to import. Behind the scenes, the system detects the file type, converts it to a zip-file in the IMS QTI 2.1 format, which is then imported into Inspera Assessment.

Note, we do not support importing media, audio, image (for Moodle), and sound files. If questions contain media, the files will need to be added directly in Inspera post-import.

Note: We support image files for Canvas, but they will be added as Main Illustrations.


To export questions from Moodle or Canvas, follow the instructions for exporting the files on your relevant platform.

Note: When importing from Canvas, the QTI import may not work when the questions are contained within question groups in Canvas. To work around this issue, create a new quiz in Canvas, add all of the questions you want to export to the new quiz, and export the quiz into Inspera.



By default, the different question types have the following mark settings:

Multiple choice: 1 mark for correct and 0 marks for the wrong answer.

Multiple response: 1 mark for correct and 0 marks for the wrong answer.

Essay: maximum 10 marks.

If you want to change the scoring options, this has to be edited in Inspera Assessment after import. 

Important: An import of this type currently does not support any basic or advanced scoring options. All questions have to be edited in Inspera Assessment after import to set the correct number of marks.



The conversion and import routine tries to keep basic formatting intact; it also supports LaTex for equations and such. 

Tip: Ensure questions look and work as intended by answering the questions in preview. It is also advised to check that formatted text and math (LaTeX) appears as intended.


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