Candidate progress in Monitor

This article describes the Candidate Progress types.

In the Monitor tool on the top menu, the Progress column provides live information on candidates’ progress throughout a test. These are the progress types:

    • Inactive
    • Dashboard
    • Ready
    • In Progress
    • Submitted
    • Paused
    • Blank submission (requires activation)
    • Withdrawn (requires activation)

Below is an example showing part of the Progress column




The candidate is not active. The candidate has not logged in or is offline. If the status column is empty, the candidate has never logged in. If the candidate has opened the test, but did not submit the candidate will also get a warning sign next to the candidate id. 



The candidate has logged in and sees the candidate dashboard. The button at the bottom Click here to get ready will lead to the next page, where the candidate waits until the start time is reached.



The candidate is ready to start the test. The browser is approved, and if the test requires Safe Exam Browser (SEB) or another lockdown browser, the candidate has opened the browser and entered the password.

The Start the test button becomes available once the start time of the test is reached. Until then, the candidate waits here.

In Progress 

The candidate has opened the test and is working on their submission. At this point the column for “Submission saved” , “Minutes spent” and "Minutes remaining" will begin updating


The candidate has submitted their answers.



The candidate has been paused by an invigilator.

Blank submission (requires activation)

If a candidate starts the test but decides that they don't want to submit an answer after all, this is one of the options Inspera offers. If a candidate submits blank, it will be clear to the planner that the candidate chose this option, instead of just exiting the test, or removing all the content and submit an empty answer. Read more about submitting blank.

Withdrawn (requires activation)

The candidate has decided to withdraw from the test. During the exam, a candidate may withdraw by clicking Withdraw in the Options menu.

Note: Invigilator password is required to withdraw from lockdown tests or if the test has activated "Require Invigilator Password" under Open Browser


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