What types of questions and file formats does it apply to?

What types of questions does it apply to?

Inspera Originality can be enabled for the “Essay” and the “Upload Assignment” question types. 

For the Essay question type, Inspera Originality checks for possible originality issues with the text candidates create with the WYSIWYG editor in Inspera Assessment and submit as their answer.  

For the Upload Assignment question type, Inspera Originality checks for possible originality issues for the uploaded document. 

Inspera Originality automatically works for these question types if the test setup includes the "Request Originality Report" option selected. There are no additional steps required to activate it. 

What file formats are supported?

Currently, Inspera Originality offers support for the following file formats as listed below.:

  • .docx - text documents, including those with formatting and images.
  • .pdf - documents that need to maintain exact formatting and layout.
  • .txt - plain text documents without any formatting.
  • .csv - comma-separated values, used for tabular data in plain text.

  • .hwp - a word processing file format for documents created with Hancom's Hangul software

  • .json - JavaScript Object Notation, used for structured data interchange.

  • .key - Keynote presentations, used by Apple's Keynote software.

  • .md - Markdown text files, used for simple formatting and documentation.

  • .numbers - spreadsheets created with Apple's Numbers application.

  • .odp - a presentation file format used by OpenOffice and LibreOffice for slideshows.

  • .pages - word processing documents created with Apple's Pages application.

  • .ods - a spreadsheet file format used for data organization and analysis.

  • .odt - a text document file format used for word processing.

  • .ppt - a presentation file format used for creating slideshows.

  • .ppsx - a slideshow file format that opens directly in slideshow mode.

  • .pptx - a presentation file format used for creating and editing slideshows.

  • .ps - PostScript files, used for vector graphics and page descriptions.

  • .rtf - Rich Text Format, used for text documents with formatting.

  • .xls - spreadsheets, used by older versions of Microsoft Excel.

  • .wpd - a text document file format used by Corel WordPerfect for word processing.

  • .xml - Extensible Markup Language, used for structured data representation.

  • .xlsx - spreadsheets, a newer format used by Microsoft Excel.

We are actively working on expanding our support to include even more file formats in the future.

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