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This feature is available for Invigilators.

Late submissions can be used to allow candidates in a test to submit their responses after the primary submission deadline. The work submitted during this late submission period is flagged as being late and the submitted time and date are captured in Monitor.


How to view late submission

You can display the Primary submission deadline (PSD) and the Late Submission columns in Monitor. This makes it easy to see who has and who hasn’t submitted late.


The following columns in Monitor can be used to give you an overview during a Late submission test:

  • Test start time: The time when a test window begins for a given test.
  • Primary submission deadline: The time when the regular submission window stops and the late submissions window begins.
  • Test end time: The time at which the test window ends for a given test.
  • Individual primary submission deadline: This is the Primary Submission Deadline (PSD) at an individual level.
  • Individual end time: This is the end time at an individual level. 
  • Late submission: Indicated by True/False. If there is still time before the Primary submission deadline, all the values within Late submission will read False. The status changes/is updated only when a submission is made by a candidate.
  • Extra time: Extra time can be added to a test 

Once the time set for the PSD/IPSD has passed, any submission from a candidate without an extension is marked as late. The Late Submission column indicates whether a candidate submitted late or not, and by enabling the Candidate Submitted column, the date and time that the candidate submitted their work can be seen.

Filters within Primary submission deadline

Within Monitor, you can set further filters within the Primary submission deadline to refine your search for candidates.

  1. Click More filtersPrimary submission deadline.
  2. Select the dropdown under Primary submission deadline: and choose one of the following filters:
    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • Yesterday
    • This week
    • Within the last
    • Within the next
    • Between



Late submissions with extra time

In the instance that extra time is added during Late submissions, the following behavior will occur:

  • The total time available to the candidate for taking the test is the test duration plus extra time.
  • If a test has a duration, the candidate can take the test anytime within the late submissions window and complete the test.

In the example below, a candidate is given 10 minutes extra time in addition to a Late submission period. Their late submission window will now begin at 12:40 PM, and their original Individual end time of 2:00 PM is pushed to 2:10 PM.



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