Add extra time to candidates

Available for Planner and Chief Invigilator.

This functionality allows extra time for individual candidates and for candidate groups.

Incident extra time can be added after the test is activated.

The main use is if certain incidents occur during the test, such as network issues, computer problems, or other situations where the candidate require extra time.

Planned extra time can be given at any time, including before the test is activated.

Extra time is measured in minutes. If the candidate will have 2 hours of extra time, the time is added as 120 minutes. For tests with a longer duration, like home exams, extra time can be longer. Two days, 48 hours, is 2880 minutes.

The extra time is counted from the test end time. If the test end time is 13:00 and the candidate has 30 minutes extra time, the end time for that candidate will be 13:30.

For candidates with individual deadlines, the extra time is counted from the individual deadline and not the test end time.


Extra time in group tests:

Extra time can be added to the group and it will the apply to all candidates in the group.

If a candidate has planned extra time added before the group is created, the extra time will be applied to the group.



Planned extra time cannot be added in Inspera for tests that are connected to an external system. Use Incident extra time instead, or set the planned extra time in the external system.




1. In Monitor on top of the window, select the candidate and select from the menu.



Alternatively, place the cursor on a candidate and then More option will appear at the right side


2.  Once you click it, three options will appear:


  • Add extra time: Enter the number of minutes you want to add. If extra time is already given to the candidate, the number of minutes you enter will be added to the original extra time
  • Subtract time: If too much extra time is added, enter the number of minutes you want to subtract to make the total extra time correct
  • Set time: Set the total number of extra minutes the candidate should get. If extra time is already given to the candidate, this will override the original value

Note for "Add extra time" and "Set time": If you set the timer to 0, it may cause issues for the candidate's submission. Instead, enter 1 and allow the timer to automatically go to 0 where the candidate's test will be submitted.

Note: Incident and planned extra time are separate, changing one of them will not affect the other. It is possible to have both planned extra time and incident extra time added to one candidate. If a candidate already has 60 minutes planned extra time, and you add 15 minutes incident extra time, this candidate will have a total of 75 minutes extra time.

Select one of the three and enter the number of minutes. Click Update.

A confirmation message will appear on top of the window and an event will be added to the log. The extra time will be visible in the extra time or incident extra time column in the candidate list.

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