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Information: This feature requires activation. Contact Inspera Service Desk to activate.

This setting is available for planners and graders. 

Question weight is available for planners and graders in the Grading module. It enables the planner/grader ability to make adjustments during the grading process, such as removing a faulty question or adjusting the weight of the question.


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How to edit Question weights

Enable Question weights

The Question weights setting will automatically become available after a test is generated, and cannot be used once a candidate's final grade has been confirmed.

To use this setting, begin by clicking the Grading module to enter the grading workspace. 

  1. In the Options menu, click the Options drop-down. Select Question weights.



  1. Click the Questions workspace.
  2. By the question you want to edit, click ... Options > Edit weight.


Question weights settings

  1. Once you are in the Question weight settings, select the empty fields and type in a percentage.
    • Default weight is 100% which corresponds to a multiplication of marks by 1.0.
    • 200% weight will multiply marks by 2.0.
    • By setting the weight to 0%, results from the given question will not be taken into account at all.
  2. Click Update when you are satisfied with your changes.
  3. Navigate to Threshold values and click update when you have reviewed and accepted the new thresholds.
  4. Navigate to Update and click update now when you have reviewed the grades given according to the new question weights.



View changes

You can view the new weighted results of a question directly within Marking Panel.



In-depth: Question weight settings

There are three Question weight settings that you can make adjustments to:

  1. Question weights
  2. Threshold values 
  3. Update

Question weights

This is where you can edit your weights.

Underneath the Overridden weight column, click inside the field to change the percentage. Click Update to apply changes.

  • By applying the changes, the new weight will be stored and the candidate's total marks will be calculated with the new, overridden weight in place. If we detect that the maximum total score of the has exam changed, it will mean that the existing threshold conversion is no longer valid. The automatically calculated grades will be removed, and you'll be automatically redirected to the threshold tab where a new threshold draft will be created and available to edit.


Question 1, worth a total of 10 marks, will now have an Overridden weight of 50%, as opposed to 100%. Maximum marks has been automatically calculated to reflect this change of 10 to 5 marks.mceclip1.png

Threshold values 

You will be shown a draft of the suggested changes based on the new maximum total score of the test. You may also make changes and set up a new threshold for the test from this tab.

Click Update to proceed.

  • Please note that until a new threshold value is applied, you'll not be able to calculate grades from the threshold.


Question 1 was set to a Question weight of 50%. The threshold values have automatically calculated a new Range and Percentage correct based on our Overridden weight


The update tab will recalculate automatic grades on behalf of all graders.

Click Update now to proceed. 



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