Record audio feedback in explanation of grades

Available for Grader

The explanation of grades feature makes it possible to write and/or record explanations of final grade to students.

The explanations are not private to you. When a grader creates or updates an explanation, the grader's name and the time of last change will be added, and visible to all graders.

Note that audio recordings and attachments are not time stamped, only updates to the written explanation will have a time stamp. When an audio recording is added it will not automatically be visible for co-graders if they are already viewing the explanation, but a page refresh will make it visible. 

The explanation will not be shared with the student until you click Send.  

Remember before sending explanations to candidates: 

  • You are sending the explanation on behalf of all graders.
  • Explanations can only be sent once.
  • Once shared, explanations cannot be withdrawn, edited or deleted

Read more about how to write and send explanations here (for grader). 


Instructions on how to record explanation 

  1. Go to the Explanations workspace in Marking 2.0
  2. Push the record button to record your explanation
  3. At the top of the screen you will see the recording progress and some options. 
    Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_16.42.56.pngYou can do the following when having started the recording:
      1. Save
      2. Pause
      3. Redo
      4. Cancel

  4. When you have saved a recording, the option to edit the title of the recording will be displayed. Write a new title in the text box, or just click save if the default title is okay. 
  5. The recording will be uploaded to Inspera and displayed as presented below; with the recording title on top, the name of who added the recording, and possibility to play the recording, and to see its length. (The date added is not visible.)

Questions and answers

  1. Can I provide an explanation both by writing and by recording?
    Answer: Yes, you can give an explanation both in writing and recording at the same time.
  2. Can I add several recordings?
    Answer: Yes, you can add several recordings to the same explanation.
  3. Can I record several explanations and then choose which one is the best?
    Answer: Yes, you can make several recordings, listen to them one by one and delete the ones you do not want to include. (Note that the recordings may not be sorted by date added, but by title.)


Candidate experience

The candidate will be able to listen to the explanation recordings by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to Inspera as usual.
  2. Go to the Archive tab.
  3. Click See more details on the test.
  4. The explanation will be visible at the bottom. Click on an mp3 attachment in order to listen to the recordings. Screenshot_2020-10-27_at_13.02.36.png


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