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Available for Grader.

This article applies to the new marking tool.

The Private note tool allows graders to make notes during grading, on question level. While grading, it will be displayed in a sidebar on the right side. The private note feature includes the following:

  • Visible only to you.
  • Private notes are automatically saved.
  • Private notes can be added to explanations

In Marking 2.0, you can use the private note tool on the workspaces marking and explanations.



  1. Open the test in Grade 
  2. Choose Marking in the meny to the left. Private notes are available on the right side.
  3. Click on the box to write. The content will be saved automatically. Use the editor if necessary.
Note: You can access your private notes even after grading is finished and confirmed. You can also add new private notes after grading is finished and confirmed.


Private notes in Explanations of grades

Your private notes are also visible in Explanations of grades. In this section you can edit private notes and add new ones.


Private notes can be added to an explanation if appropriate. This can be done both on question level and on candidate level. Click on the button below the text box as shown below here:


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