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In Inspera, we have a distinction between what are called administrated explanations and non-administrated explanations. The functionality for explanations is available to everyone, but administrated explanations is an additional feature where the planner can administrate the process by requesting explanations on behalf of candidates, see the status of the explanations, and send explanations to the candidates.

Administration of explanations is set up in the test settings. 

New in Marking 2.0 is that the administration can now also be done directly in the marking tool, where the planner now has several opportunities that previously only existed in Monitor. 

In the workspace panel you will find to workspaces that give you both an overview of the explanations, and the possibility to administrate the explanations if this is activated on the test.

  • Explanations overview (only available for the planner)
  • Explanations (available to both the planner and the grader)


Content in the workspace Explanations overview

The workspace Explanations overview is available for the planner, and provides an overview of the candidates with the status of the explanations. 

The workspace consists of four tabs (1) that let you sort the candidates by:

  • All candidates: Gives you an overview over all of the candidates with explanation status. 
  • Explanation requested: Overview of candidates who have requested an explanations and explanations status (not relevant for test without administrated explanations).
  • Ready: Overview of candidates where the explanation is ready to be sent.
  • Sent: List of candidates where the explanation has been sent.  



(2) Each list consists of the columns

  • ID: Candidate ID, or name if the test is non-anonymous. 
  • Committee: Name of the committee, if the test is committee-based. 
  • Explanation request:  An overview of which candidates has requested an explanation or not. 
    • Not set: This will appear on all candidates when the test is not set up to use administered explanations. 
    • Requested and Not requested separates the candidates who have requested for an explanation from those who have not. 
  • Explanation status: Displays the status of the explanations. Not started, Draft, Ready and Sent. 
  • Grades: This is the grade(s) set by each grader. If there are multiple graders that have set a grade in private marking, all grades will be shown here. 
  • Final grade: Final grade is shown here. Before the graders have confirmed the final marking, this column will be empty. It is worth noting that explanation cannot be sent to the candidate until final grade is available. 
  • Marking deadline: If a marking deadline has been set at the test level or at the candidate level, this will stand here.  

In this workspace you can also edit columns and create your own lists. 


Request explanations from this workspace

See also own guide for planner

If administration of explanations are enabled on the test, you can request explanations in this workspace by:

  • Right-click on the candidate.
  • Click on the three dots on the far right of the candidate.

Here you have the opportunity to register that the candidate has requested an explanation, and send the explanation (View and edit) if it is marked as ready. 



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