Marking footer

Available for Grader and Planner.

Footer overview


Within the Marking workspace, where you move between candidates and questions in Marking 2.0, the Marking footer is visible.

The footer is divided into three parts:

  1. Display settings 
  2. Navigation between candidates
  3. Navigation between questions 


Display settings


The display settings contain the following icons:

  • mceclip4.png Options Gives access to help resources.
  • mceclip5.png Fullscreen Expands the Marking workspace.
  • mceclip0.png Expand marking Expands the Marking workspace and hides menus.


Navigation between candidates


Navigation between candidates contain the following dropdown options:

  • Auto Navigation Automatic navigation is not enabled by default. By selecting Go to next candidate instead of Auto navigation: off, the system will automatically navigate to the next candidate when the current one has received marks on all questions.
  • Candidate filter Displays the candidates that have been flagged or candidates where the marking is incomplete. 
  • Candidate list Displays the candidate ID. 
Tip: You can type to search within the Candidate list to quickly navigate to a candidate.


Navigation between candidates - randomization 

The navigation between candidates will behave slightly differently when an Author enables randomization / pulling within a Question set. The footer commands remain the same, but when navigating between candidates, you will automatically default to the first question if that specific question is not available on the next candidate. This is to avoid any confusion, as some candidates may not have the same questions if the option to pull random questions is enabled in question sets. If just randomization is used, you will remain on the same question.

An exclamation mark and an explanation will appear in the footer letting you know that this feature is activated. 



Navigation between questions


Navigation between questions contain the following dropdown options:

  • Question filter Brings up a menu where you can choose to display questions that are Manually marked, Automatic marks, and Answered questions. For the grader, this filtering can be useful in tests with a combination of manually and automatically marked questions.
  • Question list Displays the number of questions.
Tip: You can type to search within the Question list to quickly navigate to a question.




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