Explanation of grades

This is available for Graders.

You can write explanations that are sent to candidates after grading is finalized.

In this guide, we will describe how you can see if the candidate has requested an explanation, how you write the explanation, and who can send the finished explanation.


This guide consists of four parts.

  1. Overview of the workspace Explanations
  2. How you can see if the candidate has requested an explanation
  3. Write and record explanations
  4. Send explanations


Overview for the explanation page

To write explanations, start by going to the Explanations workspace.

 The explanation page window has the following content: 

  1. Candidate list
  2. Question view
  3. Explanations and private notes


The footer is also available, and you can use this to navigate between candidates and questions in the same way as in the workspace Marking.


Has the candidate requested an explanation?

In the candidate overview (1), there is a column titled "Explanation Request." This column indicates whether the candidate has requested an explanation or not. There are three possible statuses in this column:  

  • Not set: This indicates that the planner does not handle explanations for this test. As a grader, you are responsible for both writing and sending the explanation.
  • Requested: The candidate has requested an explanation, and the planner will initiate the explanation process. The planner may also send explanations on behalf of the graders.
  • Not requested: This indicates that the candidate has not requested an explanation.

You can also see whether or not the candidate has requested an explanation in the explanation window (3).

Note: You can always write explanations, regardless of whether the candidate has requested one or not. 


Write explanations 

You can write the explanation in the window located to the right. It is not necessary to wait for the candidate to request an explanation; you can write it at any time during the grading process.


  1. Candidate identifier: This is where you can view the candidate identifier.
  2. Rich text: Formatting alternatives for the text.  
  3. Text editor: This is where you write the explanation.
  4. Record: This is where you record your explanation.
  5. Attach file: If you would like to add a file to the explanation, here is where you attach it. It will be available for the candidate together with the explanation. Any file type can be attached.
  6. Insert private notes: All private notes from all questions will be added to the explanation field by pushing this button.
  7. Save: Save the explanation.

For more information about recording explanations see the article Record audio feedback in explanation of grades.


Send explanations

You can send the explanation when the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. The candidate must have a confirmed final grade.
  2. The planner has allowed graders to send explanations

Send to candidate

Clicking on "Send to candidate" will send this explanation to the corresponding candidate. This option is only enabled after Marking is confirmed and the explanation has been saved.


Send all Explanations

Clicking on "Send all explanations" will send all saved explanations to the corresponding candidates. This option is only enabled after Marking is confirmed and the explanation has been saved.


Mark as ready

If the explanations are administrated by the planner, the grader has an extra option available: Mark as ready. This indicates if the explanation is ready to be sent to the corresponding candidate by the Planner.

The planner will not be able to send explanations before you have marked it as ready.

Note: The planner can decide that you as a grader won't be able to send explanations. If this is the case, both send buttons will be deactivated. Then it's up to the planner to send the explanations and your task as a grader is to mark the explanation as ready. 

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