Table of contents in Question sets

The table of contents gives candidates an overview of all the questions to be answered. This table contains columns with question titles, maximum score and type of questions. 

Both Author and Planner have the opportunity to activate the table of contents in the design settings. The Author does this by going into the question set, while the Planner does this while setting up a test.


Candidate experience

Candidates can filter on missed or flagged questions. 

Note: To be able to filter on flagged questions, flagging must be enabled under Design

By clicking on a question, the candidate navigate directly to the selected question. Candidates can navigate back to the table of contents at any time by clicking on the blue list icon in the left corner at the bottom. 



Enable table of contents

1. Open the question set (for Author).Innholdsfortegnelse_2_EN.png

2. Go to Design at the bottom of the page.

 The Planner will find Design under Deliver, next by "Setup", at the bottom of the window. 


3. Under Options, on the right side of the screen, select "Table of contents".Innholdsfortegnelse_3_EN.png

Note: Settings set by Authors can be overwritten by the Planner in the test settings. If the Author and the Planner are not the same person, the Planner can edit these setting according to their own policies.


Preview the question set with table of contents

Author: Open the question set, click on the eye icon. 


Planner: Once into the test, click on the eye icon. 


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