How to grade candidates - Classic marking

This article covers the grading process for a single grader with or without committees



How to grade a Candidate

Open a test to grade

  1. Select the Grade module.
    • Optionally, you can choose to click the direct link inside the email inviting you to grade.
  2. Click on the Title of the test to grade.
    • The Status column should read Finished or Grading in progress.


When you have selected a test, you will be redirected to the grading home page

Click Grade your candidates. If you are going to mark in several committees, choose which committee you want to grade answers in. 



Go to the candidate's results page

  1. Select a Candidate ID to get started grading.
    • After your selection, you will be redirected to the candidates' results page


The candidates' results page gives you an overview of the candidates' scores on each question. 

To view the Candidate's whole submission, click View submission.



Note: If you see Requested under Explanation, the Planner has requested an explanation of the grade for this candidate.  You can learn more about explanations within the Help Center article Administration of explanations.


Mark single questions

To view the answer to a single question, click on the question name on the candidates' results page.


In the submission of single questions, you can do the following:

  1. Private note: Write a private note on the question. The note is only visible to you as a grader, and can't be shared with anyone.
  2. Navigate between the same question for all the candidates who have taken the test.
  3. Navigate between all the questions for this candidate.


On the toolbar above the question, you have the following tabs to choose from:


  • Submission: View the candidate's answer to the question.
  • Question: View the question as it appears on the candidate's test.
  • Stimulus: (Not visible in screenshot) If the author has used sections with section stimulus, this is available here. This could contain the question text, depending on whether the author added it here or not.
  • Comments: View comments and feedback on the answer. Learn more about Annotations.
  • Similarity check: Question types such as Essay and Upload can be checked for similarity. Learn more about Similarity reports.

Mark automatically marked questions

Automatically marked questions are corrected by Inspera Assessment when the candidate submits the test. As a grader, you will see a summary of these questions as well as their marks on the candidates' results page. Automatically marked questions are indicated by a lightning icon on the side of the question number.


As a grader, you can override the scoring of the automatically marked questions. To override the scoring, click Override.


Learn more about overriding marks on automatically marked questions.


Mark manually marked questions

On Manually marked questions, you assign your own marks. When you enter the questions, you will get the possibility to mark the question in the right upper corner.


It is also possible to use decimals if the Planner or Author has made this available. 


Unanswered questions

In some instances, an unanswered question may contain an attachment with the candidate's answer.

In the example below, you can see that the answer lies in the attachment lorem.txt. To view the answer, click on the file link.



Set a grade

When you are finished with marking all the questions and navigate back to the candidates' results page, the grade on the test will be calcuated automatically.

  • It is possible to change the grade by clicking on one of the other grades. If you do this, Automatically calculated will be changed to By you. 



Confirm Your Grading

When all of the candidates have been marked, you will get the following notification at the top of the window:


To proceed to confirming your grade, click on confirm your grades

You can go back to Grade your candidates at any time and change the marks and/or the grade you have set. When you are ready to confirm your grading, click Confirm.Fullf_rt_EN.png

When you confirm your grading, you will get a message to approve the grading:



Complete Final Grading

Single grader - Shared marks and grades

If you are a single grader with the setting Shared marks and grades, you will start at this step.

  1. Select the Grade module.
    • Optionally, you can choose to click the direct link inside the email inviting you to grade.
  2. Click on the Title of the test to grade.
    • The Status column should read Finished or Grading in progress.


Click Open Final Grading to start your grading. After selecting this button, will see an overview of candidate IDs with marks and grades. Follow the subsections Go to the candidate's results page,  Mark single questions and Set a grade below step 1 to start your grading. 


Single grader - Individual marks and grades

As a single grader with the setting Individual marks and grades, you can edit your final grades at this step. If you want/need to make changes to marks and/or grades, or even on comments or explanations, click Edit final grades.



Confirm Final Grading

After you are finished with your grading, click Confirm Final Grading to complete the grading.

By clicking this button, you will get a message to approve the confirmation:


When you have completed the final grading, you will have the option to see the results and view the Grading Protocol for the test.




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