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Available for Planner with Extended access.

A demo test can be a useful tool for candidates to prepare for tests in Inspera Assessment. A demo test will behave exactly as a regular test, except the candidates cannot submit, and their answers are not stored. We recommend that you have a demo test with SEB available for the candidates, and that you encourage them to take the test before they are due for regular tests. This is to ensure they have the correct version of SEB installed, and so that they can make sure that their system is compatible with Inspera Assessment.

The requirements for SEB versions are the same in demo tests as in regular tests. When Inspera approves new versions of SEB, this will be automatically updated in demo tests as well. 


Create a demo test

To create a demo test, you start the same place as for any other test. Press Create new test > Demo.


Once the test is created, the rest should be familiar. The first part is the same as the first part in regular Inspera Assessment tests.

Candidates are not added to demo tests, as long as a candidate has access to Inspera Assessment, the demo test will be available from the demo tab at their dashboard.



Options in demo tests

Demo tests have a limited set of options available. This is because most settings are not required for the candidate experience, and the candidate experience is the main purpose of demo tests.

Security settings

You can set up the test to use Safe Exam Browser, or Lockdown for Chromebook. The password and invigilator password is set the same way as for regular tests. More details can be found in this article

Tip: As the candidates will need both the SEB pin and possibly the invigilator password, it is recommended practice to include these in the test information from above. Instruct the candidates to remember/write down the invigilator password as it will not be available once they have entered the test.


Other demo options


Enable public access:

This may not be available as it is a configurable setting. Public demo tests cannot be used in combination with lockdown browsers, only open tests. 

When the demo test is activated, an URL to the test will be visible on the test front page. This URL can be accessed by anyone, and no login is required.

Note: The URL must be distributed to those who want to take the demo test, it will not be displayed in the candidate's dashboard. The purpose of this setting is to enable anyone to try out an open test in Inspera Assessment.

Enable spell checker:

This adds the spell checker functionality for the students. 

Enable text to speech reading aid:

Text to speech requires activation, and is not available in public demo tests.

This will allow candidates to get the question text read out loud. This option is also available in lockdown tests.

  • The candidate can enable or disable text to speech (TTS) through the options menu. 
  • Enabling TTS applies to all candidates on a test, it cannot be enabled for individual candidates.
  • The language used for TTS is determined by the language the candidate has chosen in the options menu. 
  • TTS is available in tests with Safe Exam Browser and Inspera Lockdown app for Chromebooks, as well as in open browsers.


Design settings and activation

These are the same steps as for regular tests. The exception is that assessment settings will be skipped, because there is no need for them.


Candidate experience

The candidate will get a list of available demo tests when they are logged in. The demo tests can be found in the tab "Demo tests".






Demo test

In this video Fransesca explains what a demo test can be used for, how to create it and how it looks like for the test taker.

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