Candidate-selected questions

This is available for Authors.

Information: This feature requires activation by the Service Desk.

You can allow candidates to select which test questions they want to respond to.

If candidate-selected questions are enabled, candidates are able to select which questions they wish to answer from a selection. Only the questions which they select will be submitted for grading, even if they have answered other questions. 


Warning: When using InsperaScan and Candidate-selected questions in tandem, if a candidate incorrectly fills in a Question code to a question that they've not selected to answer, the question submission will appear blank.

How to enable and configure candidate-selected questions

We recommend adding all questions to the section before setting the maximum number of questions to answer. All questions in the section must have the same maximum marks for the option to be available.

  1. When authoring a question set, below the section heading, click iconfinder_random_1608804.svg Randomisation, pulling, and selection.
  2. Click Allow candidates to select _ of _ questions from this section.
    • Within the text field, you can enter the upper limit for the number of questions that can be included in a specific section of a question set.

Tip: It is a good idea to add descriptive text for the candidate on how the test is configured so the candidate knows what to expect. 

Candidate experience

When candidates are given the option to select questions, they are presented with the following options:

  • Undecided: The default state. This state can also function as a temporary placeholder while the candidate explores the various question options available to them.
  • Yes: The candidate has chosen to answer the question.
  • No: The candidate has chosen not to answer the question.



If the candidate starts answering a question without selecting Yes in the dropdown menu, the system will assume that the candidate intends to answer the question and will mark it as selected (i.e., answering the question is treated as equivalent to selecting Yes).


If a candidate has already selected the maximum number of questions allowed in a section, any additional questions will automatically be marked as No, or not selected (i.e., answering these questions is treated as equivalent to selecting "No"). In this case, the candidate will be unable to answer or select any new questions in that section until they unselect one of the previously selected questions.

Submission page

When the candidate has gone through all questions, the summary page will provide an overview of the sections and the selected questions on the test. 

  • If a candidate  forgets to answer a question, a warning in the relevant section notifies candidates if they have left any questions unanswered.

A candidate's selection will remain saved throughout the duration of the test, even if they log out and return at a later time. Candidates can modify their choices until they submit their final answers.

If the test is reopened for resubmission, the candidate's previous selections, and responses will be available in the same way they were when first submitted. The candidate will be able to modify their choices again until they submit their new answers.

Note: Only selected questions will be submitted. 

Candidate and Grader view

There are differences in how the candidate and grader see which questions have been answered.

Candidate, View without downloading

The questions in the test will be presented in numerical order, but if a candidate has already answered a particular question, that question may appear out of sequence, in the order it was originally answered by the candidate.


Candidate, Candidate report

The Candidate report will still show the number of questions the candidate has selected but numbers them based on the order it appears in the Question Set.


Grading candidate-selected questions

When grading, graders will only see the questions candidates have chosen to submit and the grading will otherwise be the same as for other tests.

If threshold values are used, the grade will be calculated based on the maximum possible marks for the section.

See the grader guide for more detailed information.






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