Tests with lockdown browsers

Inspera Assessment offers the following options for exams in lockdown mode:

Safe Exam Browser for Windows, MacOS, and iOS

The setup for a lockdown test is done in the planning phase of the test, and there are several options available. Start by enabling one, or both of the lockdown options in the security part of the test options.


An invigilator password must be set. This password is required for re-entering the test if the candidate has issues that causes them to leave the lockdown browser.


Advanced options for Safe Exam Browser


SEB password 

This is the password the candidates must enter to start the test in Safe Exam Browser. The password is automatically generated but can be changed. The password must be between 6-8 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number. 

The lockdown app for Chromebooks does not require a password to be entered in order to access the test, but we advise using a day password to add an extra layer of security.

Allow candidates to change wifi

This is a useful option if there are several wifi networks at your location. If the candidate loses connection to one, they can switch to another wifi without leaving the lockdown browser.

Note that because of different limitations on MacOS and Windows, this will behave a bit different depending on whether the candidates use a lockdown browser on Mac or on a Windows computer.

Mac: The candidate can change freely between all available wifi networks.

Windows: The wifi network must be known to the computer, meaning that the candidate must have been connected to it before. Only known wifi networks will appear in the network list within SEB.


Additional setting to limit SEB config file download

We offer a tenant-wide setting that limits when the config file for SEB can be downloaded. This setting requires activation. The purpose is to prevent candidates from accessing the config file and its contents before the test starts. The candidates will not see the option to start the test until the SEB config file is available, instead, they will see a message informing them of when they can start the test. The option to start the test will be made available at that time.

When this setting is activated the Planner will see the following on the test:


We don't have a particular recommendation for such a time limit, but 30 minutes may be a good option for exam venues.


Options for computer labs

This will allow the use of third-party applications along with SEB. The feature is only supported on Windows, and only for computer labs where the candidates don’t have administrator access, and where local IT or administrators can control the content on the hard drives.

Please read the complete article about SEB options for computer labs.


Inspera’s own lockdown app for Chromebooks

Chromebook lockdown browser

Note that there is no requirement for a pin code to start the test in the Chromebook lockdown browser. 

To start a lockdown test on Chromebook, make sure that the candidate does not log in to the Chromebook, as the app is only available from the login screen. 


Inspera Integrity Browser and Inspera Proctoring

Inspera Integrity Browser

Inspera Integrity Browser (IIB) is Inspera Assessment's lockdown browser solution. When enabling IIB, you create a closed testing environment for candidates to take their exams digitally. Learn more

Inspera Proctoring

Inspera Proctoring (IP) is Inspera's proctoring solution and works in unison with the browser lockdown, Inspera Integrity Browser (IIB). When enabling IP, you can choose from a variety of proctoring options such as video, record, and screen. Learn more


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