Design settings for tests

Available for Planner.


By default, the design settings for a test may not match those configured for the question set. However, this behavior can be controlled and customized through a configuration setting, aligning the test's design settings with the question set when the question set is added to the test. The design settings can still be overridden by the planner on the test.

To activate this feature, please contact the Service Desk.

The planner can decide the design settings of a question set by choosing "Design" at the bottom of the test page during setup. 


The design settings as they are available for authors are described in this article: Design settings in question sets

There are a couple of important differences, the first one being that by editing design settings in the test, the planner overrides the author's settings.

The other difference is that the options in the right panel will show whether the settings are changed by the planner, along with an option to fetch the settings from the question set. This will restore the design to the Author's original settings.


Note: If the author makes any changes to the question set design after the question set is added to the test, this will not be automatically notified to the planner.

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