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Inspera supports various ways of adding candidates to a test. Which of these options are available to you will depend on the integrations you have set up as part of your license. This article will cover:

  • One-time users
  • CSV Import (SSO)
  • Permanent users

If you have an integration with FS, PCG, Ladok, or others, candidate information will be transferred and candidates are assigned to the test automatically. This article will not cover this kind of candidate information.


Add candidates to a test

1. Within the Deliver module, navigate to the Candidate settings and click Manage.


2. Click Add and select between the following candidate types:

Note: The max number of candidates is 1500.


If you want to add candidates to a test by using self-sign-up, please go to the article: Assign learners by test code.

Note: Candidate ID is what becomes visible as candidate information in the Monitor and Grade module. If you choose to use the names of the students as the candidate ID, this information will also be shown to Graders.


One-time users

The One-time users option lets you assign one-time users to a test. One-time users are independent, which means that one, one-time user is created per candidate per test. If a candidate has more than one one-time user, they cannot be combined. The candidate must use the username and password assigned to each one-time user to log in.

The one-time user, including username and password, is generated by Inspera Assessment. The usernames and passwords are available in the test after the test is activated. 

When a candidate logs in as a one-time user, the associated test will be available in the Dashboard. After the test is completed, candidates can find the test by logging back into Inspera Assessment, using their one-time username and password, and clicking Archive. If there are demo tests available, the candidate also has access to these.  


How to create one-time users

One-time users can be assigned to the test in three different ways:

  1. Add new (preselected),
  2. Auto-generate candidates
  3. Import from file (.csv).

All of these ways start at the same place by administering the candidates in the test.

Selecting One-time users gives you three options: mceclip3.png

  • Add new (preselected) - this lets you add candidates one by one
    • Give the candidate an ID and add extra time if applicable
  • Auto-generate candidates - this lets you choose the number of candidates that will be auto generated.
    • Edit candidate ID and add extra time if applicable
  • Import from file (.csv)
    • Import a file you have prepared. The csv file requires two columns only:
      Candidate ID, extra time

You can name your one-time users according to your preferences, or you can choose to leave the Inspera-generated ID as it is. Candidate ID is a text string, and you can use letters, numbers, symbols or a combination. mceclip4.png


CSV Import (SSO)

Note: You must have an SSO login enabled on your account to have this option available.

To add candidates specifically for SSO users, choose CSV import (SSO).

Select authentication type (some customers have several SSO setups) and choose file to upload. The required format is three columns: Candidate ID, SSO user ID, extra time

Optional: You can also add location information in this import, by adding up to two more columns making the total five columns:

Candidate ID, SSO user ID, extra time, Building name, Room name

If you only want to assign room, the column for building must still be there, but leave it empty. Room and building information will be available in the candidate list in Monitor, just add the columns as they are not visible by default. 


Permanent users

Permanent users are users that can be added as candidates on more than one test. By using permanent users, candidates can use the same username and password to access all their tests. 

These users are created by uploading a CSV file: mceclip5.png

Permanent users will be stored in the system and when the users are imported, they can be added as candidates on several tests. Users only need to be uploaded once, and they can easily be added to new tests from the list of permanent users.mceclip6.png

Note: First name and last name in the csv import will be the candidate's candidate ID. If you do not want the graders to have access to the names, this can be anonymized in the csv file by, for example, replacing first name and last names with something else (number and/or values). 

When importing candidates to a test by using permanent users, you can also create lists with the permanent users. In this way, you can easily add groups of candidates based on the created lists. Lists can also be shared with other users. mceclip7.png


Information: Permanent users is not a widely used method of assigning candidates and the specific format required in the CSV file will be different for different customers. If you are planning on using this particular candidate type please contact Inspera Service Desk to get the correct format that applies to you.

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