Exempt candidate from lockdown browser

Available for Planner and Chief Invigilator

This article explains how to exempt a candidate from the lockdown browsers Safe Exam Browser (SEB) and Inspera Integrity Browser (IIB) to resume the exam in another open browser.

This feature can be used if a candidate is experiencing problems in the lockdown browser during the test, or if the candidate has trouble getting the lockdown browser to work. There are also other scenarios that might require that the candidate uses an open browser instead of a lockdown browser, and this feature can be used if applicable.

It’s important to note that once the candidate is switched from a lockdown browser to an open one, the candidate will have full access to the computer, and to the internet.


Note: If a candidate with a status in progress has been exempted by mistake, don't worry! Take no further actions and just let the candidate continue in the lockdown browser. The exemption will only be enforced once the candidate leaves the lockdown browser.


How to Exempt a candidate from lockdown

In the Monitor tool on the top menu, or from the candidate list widget in the test, select the candidate from the list and then click on Exempt from lockdown in the menu


Candidates exempt from SEB are indicated by the unlock icon image-0.png in the candidate list.



If the candidate has not started the test yet, they will start the test in an open browser directly. Lockdown browser will not be enforced.

For candidates in progress, proceed with the following steps.

If the exemption was done by mistake, let the candidate continue, and do not exit the lockdown browser.

1. Exit the lockdown browser with the Invigilator Password.
2. Help the candidate to resume in Chrome, Firefox or another approved browser.
3. Update Candidate Extra Time (Optional).


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