Automatically marked question.

The question is answered by selecting a hotspot in an image. 

Hotspot is a question type where the candidates, on the basis of the given instruction(s), indicate the correct answer by clicking on a point/area inside an image or illustration. It is possible to click on the image and the selection appears as a cross. The answer can be changed by moving the cross (x).


Hotspot question layout

 In the question's edit mode, you can do the following: 

  1. Replace text with desired question text.
  2. Add math (LaTex), files, tables, links, PDFs, images, and/or audio clips to the question text.
  3. Set general options for the question type. For more information, refer to the general options for questions article.

Marks: For more information about question marking, refer to the Question scoring - Basic and Question scoring - Advanced articles.



Hotspot question options

Clicking on the interaction element gives you specific options for the question type.



Enter an explanation text for the question. The text will appear in the workspace. "Click the image" is set by default. 

  1. To edit text, select the Prompt text editor and enter your text.
  2. To add Rich text, click on Rich text.


Add an image as background (jpg, png, or SVG). The image should be 620x400 in size.

  1. To add an image, click on Add image.
  2. Click on Browse.
  3. Select a file from your harddrive.
  4. Click on Insert.


Within the Hotspots option, you can choose how many correct answers there are, and choose a hotspot shape. 

Choose how many correct answers there are

  1. To select how many correct answers there are, select the Single correct answer dropdown.
  2. Select between the following options:
    • Single correct answer
    • Multiple correct answers

Choose a hotspot shape

You can click and hold the hotspot shape to move the hotspot around the image. Multiple shapes can be added to a single question.

  1. To select a hotspot shape, select the Rectangle dropdown.
  2. Select between the following options:
    • Rectangle
    • Circle
    • Polygon 
      • With the Polygon shape, click on the background image to start adding points (there is no maximum number of points).
      • A minimum of three points is required to close the polygon.
      • Once the polygon shape is closed, you cannot add additional points to the existing shape.
  3. To add a hotspot, click on Add hotspot +



Warning: If you enter more than one correct answer, keyboard navigation is not supported.



  • Lower and upper mark limit: Can be set for each interaction element. The value here will override the mark settings set for the whole question. For more information, refer to the advanced scoring article.
  • Interaction height: Change the height of the interaction element. The default is 400p (recommended height). In case the height needs to be increased to facilitate more elements, it is recommended that the question should be tested and previewed to ensure a good candidate experience. 
  • Regard as unanswered outside defined hotspots: If the candidate clicks outside the defined areas, marks for missed will be awarded for this question. Unanswered marks are set in general options in the question's edit mode. 
  • Mark hotspots: Make hotspots areas visible to the candidates.
    • Limit maximum selections: Limits how many hotspots candidates can click. 
    • Hotspot border color: Select the border color by selecting the color field.
    • Hotspot opacity: Choose the background opacity by sliding the opacity bar, or entering a number in the text field.

Hotspot color considerations

When using a question such as the Hotspot-type, you can choose to display the hotspot areas to the candidates and select the color of the border that outlines the hotspot areas. This helps to visually distinguish the selectable areas from the background, making it clear to candidates which areas they can select from.

It’s important to choose a color that provides enough contrast against the background color, in order to ensure clear visibility for users with low vision or color blindness. The WCAG 2.1 guidelines for accessibility recommend a minimum 3:1 contrast ratio between foreground and background colors.  By meeting the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, you can ensure that your Hotspot-type question is accessible to a wider range of users, including those with visual disabilities.

To check if your chosen color meets the recommended contrast ratio, you can use a color contrast checker or a similar tool.

Tip: Make sure the question works as expected by Previewing the question and test correct answers. Marks and correct answers can not be changed after the test has started.


External identifier

For information on external identifier, read the general options for questions article. 



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