Submit a support request (questions, general help, etc.)

Information: A support request is for asking questions or requesting general help.


How to submit a support request


Tip: The more detailed information you provide from the start, the faster the request can be processed.


Request information 

Test URL

The test URL looks like <companyname> and it provides two key pieces of information:

    1. The tenant name: and the 
    2. Assessment run ID (ARID), which is the unique identifier for the test represented by the numerical value at the end of the test URL:

Candidate ID

Include relevant candidate ID(s). Candidate IDs can be found in the Monitor view for the relevant test. If all candidates on a test are relevant, please enter 'all candidates'.


Please include as much information as possible in the description field. For instance, describe

  • What is the context?
    • Who is the user (candidate or staff)?
    • What role(s) does the staff user have (system roles, contributor roles)?
  • What help centre articles have you reviewed?
  • What is your query?


Attachments can be short videos or screen shots. Please include the full computer screen in the shot, including the URL, task bar and date/clock. 

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