Submit an incident / fault

Information: An incident / fault request is for reporting incidents or possible bugs.  



How to submit a request for Report incident/fault


Tip: The more accurate the information provided is, the higher the chance is for incident recreation, swift response, and corrective actions.


Request information 

Incident severity

This determines the response time and is broken down into these categories:

  1. A - Urgent: All material parts of the Services are unavailable, putting exam delivery at risk. E.g. significant number of students are unable to log in while the exam is underway.
  2. B - High: Certain time-critical functions do not work or have response times that are materially inferior to what has been agreed between the parties. E.g. content creation workflow is broken.
  3. C - Normal: Non-time critical functions do not work, longer response times than agreed between the parties. E.g. admin user experiences a bug but is able to work around it.
  4. D - Low


Please include as much information as possible in the description field. For instance, describe

  • Who is the user (candidate or staff)?
  • What role(s) does the staff user have (system roles, contributor roles)?
  • What steps did you take?
  • How did you attempt to rectify the issue?
  • What happened?

Test URL

The test URL looks like <companyname> and it provides two key pieces of information:

    1. The tenant name: and the 
    2. Assessment run ID (ARID), which is the unique identifier for the test represented by the numerical value at the end of the test URL:

Candidate ID

Include relevant candidate ID(s). Candidate IDs can be found in the Monitor view for the relevant test. If all candidates on a test are relevant, please enter 'all candidates'.


Attachments can be short videos or screen shots. Please include the full computer screen in the shot, including the URL, task bar and date/clock. 

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