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Inspera Integrity Browser (IIB) is Inspera Assessment's lockdown browser solution. When enabling IIB, you create a closed testing environment for candidates to take their exams digitally. 


How to enable Inspera Integrity Browser

1. In the Delivery module, navigate to the Security options.

2. Click Safe Exam Browser for PC and Mac > Advanced options > Enable Inspera Integrity Browser.

3. Set your Invigilator Password and SEB Password.

4. Choose a Security Policy. Select the Security Policy drop-down menu for the following options:

  • Strict
  • Moderate
  • Open
  • None

5. To enable Assistive Technologies in Moderate, click Enable Assistive Technologies.

It's important to note that creating tests that can be started simultaneously within the same test window within an Inspera Integrity Browser (IIB) session is not recommended. Each IIBsession can only be locked for one test at a time. If a candidate attempts to access another test while a test is already in progress, they will be prevented from doing so.

Additionally, if a candidate starts multiple Inspera Proctoring (IP) tests within the same IIB session, each test will be recorded, but the recordings for subsequent tests will only be accessible through the first test's recording. Therefore, it's recommended to start a new IIB session for each test to ensure accurate recording and protection of the test's integrity.


Candidate options

When creating a sign-in option for candidates, you can pick one of the following options:

It is not possible to choose a combination of the two sign-ins per test, or across separate tests. Sign-in options are currently determined at the configuration level rather than at the test level, and sign-in options cannot be combined at this moment.


Security options


When Safe Exam Browser for PC and Mac is enabled, you will need to set the following passwords:

  • Invigilator password: The Invigilator password will be auto-populated with a 5 character alphanumeric string. You can edit this to be any 5 to 7 character alphanumeric string of your choosing.  This password is required for certain invigilator-level functionality in an assessment.  This field can not be empty.
  • SEB password: The SEB password, also known to candidates as the SEB Pin, must be 6 characters. It must contain at least one letter and number. Other language characters than English are not supported, only printable ASCII characters.

Security Policy

A Security Policy determines how strict the lockdown outcome is for candidates, and how the monitoring outcome behaves in the lockdown browser (IIB). You can choose between four different Security Policies:

  • None
  • Open
  • Moderate
  • Strict

To learn more about each Security Policy and how it interacts with monitoring and the lockdown browser, visit the Help Center article Inspera Integrity Browser (IIB): Security policies on a test.

Allow candidates to change wifi

From IIB 1.15.6, candidates can be granted permission to change their WiFi connection during their assessment while using the Inspera Integrity Browser (IIB). This is applicable in all modes (Strict, Moderate, and Open) and is compatible with Windows and macOS.

For IIB 1.15.5 or lower, candidates will have the option to change their wifi regardless of whether Allow candidates to change wifi is selected or not.


Using screen readers throughout the test is made possible by enabling Assistive Technologies. The candidates' choice of screen reader programs during the test is unrestricted by IIB. IIB is tested throughly with Jaws and Narrator on Windows and VoiceOver on macOS.

The option to Enable Assistive Technologies is only available in the Moderate Security Policy. Assistive technologies are ignored in Open, None, and Strict Security Policies. 



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