Before you start your test, you'll need to have a few things on hand before you can begin.

Non-Proctored tests:

  1. An ID that clearly shows your photo (dependent on the institution)
  2. Your username and password
  3. PIN code - provided to you by your Invigilator

Proctored tests:

  1. An ID that clearly shows your photo
  2. Your username and password
  3. PIN code - provided to you by your Invigilator
  4. Front-facing camera and/or microphone


Tools and materials

Prior to starting, please communicate with your institution what materials can be present during your test (books, notepads, food, writing equipment, etc). Inspera does not set the rules provided by your institution/invigilator. 

Inspera allows the following materials:

  • Bluetooth/USB dongle keyboard and mouse
  • Wired keyboard and mouse
  • External USB webcam 


Special accommodations

If you are in need of any accommodations such as extra time, screen readers, and so on, please communicate this with your invigilator/institution to make arrangements before test day. 

VPN access

The use of a VPN is supported by Inspera Integrity Browser. If you need to utilize a VPN, please let your invigilator/institution know ahead of time so that preparations may be made.


Test preparation

Exit/disconnect from all secondary screens

You are only permitted one primary monitor to use during your test.

Exit from all applications

It is important to save and exit from all background applications that are not Inspera Integrity Browser before beginning your test. Failure to do so can result in lost work, or cause Inspera Integrity Browser to crash.

Turn off all blockers

Make sure you've turned off blockers such as anti-virus programs.

Where to sit the test

For candidates taking Proctored tests, please make sure you have the following:

  • As plain a background as possible: A busy background can cause the webcam to focus on the wrong subject (a book, rather than you).
  • Position the laptop so it is both comfortable to use and the webcam can see you: if you go through the ID check and then move the screen once the test starts, it might be out of frame for the duration of the test. 
  • Do not have a light source behind you: It’s highly likely the webcam will adjust its exposure to match the light making you difficult to see.
  • Find somewhere comfortable: Moving the laptop mid-test will likely cause flags.


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