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Proctored and Non-proctored tests

Inspera Exam Portal offers two different types of test-taking experiences, Proctored and Non-proctored. Your institution can provide you with more details on which kind of test you'll be taking. 

  • Proctored tests: Lockdown browser, and additionally, allows Invigilators access to video/audio/screen.
  • Non-proctored tests: Lockdown browser.

Make sure you're up to date with the latest System Requirements

Visit the System Requirements page for more information.

Note: Inspera Exam Portal does not run on Google Chromebooks, virtual machines, machines running Linux, tablets, or mobile phones. 


Download Inspera Exam Portal

Inspera Exam Portal is a desktop application that is installed on your computer. Inspera Exam Portal is not used on an internet browser such as Chrome or Edge. 

Your institution is in charge of providing updates and the latest versions.


Familiarize yourself with a demo test

The best way to familiarize yourself with Inspera Exam Portal is to take a demo test, which is usually provided by your institution. 

When starting your demo test, here are some tips that we recommend looking out for:

  1. Your sign-on and Invigilator-provided pin works.
  2. Your system passes the system checks page. Reach out to your institution if this is not the case. 
  3. You have a working camera and microphone if you are taking a Proctored test.
  4. Spend time getting familiar with the test layout.


Test layout

Upon entering the test, you will be presented with a start page similar to the example below. You can find useful information such as the test name, test window, time limit, and any additional time that has been added. If your institution has enabled a form of live communication, you will find the messenger options in the Notifications menu, located on the upper right-hand page. 




What's next?

Candidates - Before the Test

Candidates - Test Day



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