Smarter Proctoring - Test taker instructions

What is Inspera Smarter Proctoring?

Smarter Proctoring is a feature from Inspera where you will be remotely monitored throughout your test session. Your camera and microphone will be active during the session, and your computer will be locked down during the test.

When it is time for your test, you will be guided through the initial system checks, log in to access your test, and unlock the test with a pin code you have received before the test starts.

At the bottom of this article you will find a downloadable PDF version of these instructions. 


1. Install Inspera SEB

The first step is to install Inspera SEB. Make sure that you install the version that is provided to you by your exam office. This is a special version that contains the Smarter Proctoring functionality, and you will not be able to start the test with any other software. 

2. Start Inspera SEB

Once Inspera SEB is installed you can start the software, which will then take you through a series of pre-test checks to make sure that your computer is ready. These checks are to make sure that your camera and microphone is working, and that there is enough storage space. 

3. Pre-checks

The first you will see after starting Inspera SEB is an introduction. You can choose to complete the pre.-check steps even if you don't have a test scheduled, or if a test is scheduled for a later day. When the pre-checks (steps 1-3) are completed, you can close the app. If you have a test scheduled, you can continue to steps 4-7 and then start the test.



Step 1 - system check

This is an automatic system check, and when the check is successfully completed you can click Next to continue. If there are issues with the system check, these must be resolved before you can continue. 


Minimum system requirements for Smarter Proctoring

  • Windows: 7, 8 and 10 on 64-bit platforms
  • macOS: OS X 10.14 and higher
  • CPUs newer than 2011 (Intel Sandy Bridge or newer)
  • 75 MB of free storage space per hour
  • Web camera & microphone (internal or external)
  • A broadband internet connection (0.15Mbps upload speed)


Step 2 - Microphone check

All you have to do in this step is to talk in a normal voice. The level should be in the middle of the green area. Adjust if necessary. If your voice is not recorded, or the level is too low or too high, you will not be able to continue to the next step. Click Next when the step is successfully completed. 



Step 3 - Webcam check

When the app has detected a face in the frame, this step is successfully completed and you can click Next.



You can now choose to exit the app if you don't have any pending tests.


4. ID verification

Continue with the following steps if you have a pending test.


Step 4 - Log in

In this step you enter the username and password that was provided by the exam office ahead of the test. Add the username and password, and click Login. If the username and password is accepted, you can continue by clicking Next.



Step 5 - Select test

If you have more than one test pending, these will be listed in the left column. Click on the test to see the date and time the test is scheduled for. 

If there are no available tests the list will be empty. If the test is already submitted the option to enter a PIN is not available. If it is too long until the test startes, or the test window is closed, the option to enter a PIN is not available. 

Select the test you will start and add the PIN code that you have already received from the exam office. Click on Unlock and select. If the PIN is accepted, you can now click Next.



Step 6 - Take a picture

In this step you should make sure that your face is centered in the frame, and that it is the only thing in the frame. More detailed instructions are available in the app. Take as many pictures as you like, and once you are satisified with the picture, click on Next to continue.



Step 7 - take a picture of your ID card

In this step you take a picture of your ID card. make sure that the card is clearly visible and can be used to identify you from the picture in the previous step. Click Next to continue.



5. Enter lockdown mode and start test

After all of the seven steps of pre-check and ID verification is completed, the app will lock down your computer and take you to the test you unlocked in step 5 of the ID verification. The lockdown process will close selected apps on your computer.

At this point the remote monitoring will start, and a video feed will be continuously uploaded to Inspera. 

As long as the computer is locked down you will not be able to access any resources on the computer, and you will not have access to the Internet. The test is the only resource that is available. 

Complete your test as instructed, and when you are finished you will be prompted to exit the app and your computer will be unlocked again. At this point the remote monitoring will end. 

The remote monitoring will only be active as long as the Inspera SEB app is active and in lockdown mode. 



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