Monitoring with Smarter Proctoring

Monitoring with Smarter Proctoring

Planners with extended access and Chief Invigilator can see the test session confidence level and review the test session recording.

High-level overview

To enable the test session review functionality, the Confidence Level column in the Monitor tool must be enabled:



In Monitor, the confidence column will contain a flag (if applicable), a confidence level percentage, and the number of recorded events during the session. The format is (flag) xx.yy% (#events).


1. Red flag if average confidence of enter frame events is below 70%

2. Average confidence level of enter frame events

3. Number of enter frame events

Test session video review

When clicking on Confidence Level it opens the video recording of the test session. On the left side you can see the video of the person sitting the test, and on the right side you can see the recording of their screen.


On the video player bar there are coloured strokes showing Event Types “Enter Frame” and “Leave Frame”:

Events with confidence level < 70% are marked in red
Events with confidence level > 70% are marked in green
Events without confidence level are marked in amber

Test Session Event Inspection

When clicking on the Events tab, the list of all test session events opens. The current event types are:

  • Enter Frame event (person entering frame)
  • Leave Frame event (person leaving frame)
  • ID Verification event, showing photo and ID-card captured as well as confidence level
    • Recorded at the start of every session.
    • Confidence level of ID check should be 99% based on face recognition.
  • Noise event (does not affect confidence levels)

-  ID events -  The rest of the events are compared to the photo in the ID event to determine confidence level.
-  Event is marked with a red flag in case the confidence level < 70%



Multiple sessions

In case a test taker logs in and out multiple times during a test, session is recorded for each time. You can select which session to check in the session panel.


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