Home Exams: Tips for Authors and Planners

This article will provide information about settings and configurations that can be taken in use to process Home Exams in a better way. 


For planners

Planners are the users who have access to the delivery module, normally working in administration with responsibility for setting up tests.

Following configurations can be useful to consider enabling (if not already done):

  • Allow uploads to finish after end time: this will allow files to be completely uploaded even if end time has passed. The upload must, however, be initiated before end time has passed.
  • Enable template usageThe purpose of templates is to speed up the test creation workflow. By using templates, new tests can be created with a few clicks. Once created, tests created from templates behave like any other test in Inspera Assessment.
  • Plagiarism reports: If the organization has an Urkund licence, this can be integrated with Inspera. The reports will assist in revealing potential cheating.

We recommend that all planners read the article about available configurations and evaluate if these are beneficial for your organisation.

Useful test settings for home exams:

For authors

Authors are responsible for the content of a test (questions) and have access to the author module in Inspera Assessment. The following text is related to settings that the Authors of questions and question sets can set.




5 tips to improve home exams

This presentation was a part of the Inspera Seminar 2020 and gives you tips and tricks of what to think about when creating home exams.

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