InsperaScan - Beställa sidor för handskrift

You can order sketch sheets from a preferred printing company to be used for InsperaScan 1.0 (Scantron) and InsperaScan 2.0.

Candidates write their submissions on these sheets, which will later be scanned and imported into Inspera Assessment.

Order sketch sheets from other printing services

Specifications for the printing files can be found here:

Note: The scanner software is sensitive, and the printed sheets have to be exactly right to scan and register correctly. 


Print sketch sheets from your own printer

You can print sketch sheets from your own printer if the printer supports the required format:

Inspera cannot guarantee that your own prints of sketch sheets are scanned properly and that they can be processed by InsperaScan. This is dependent on the printer and print settings. Further, this needs to be tested by your organization. We advise you to set up procedures to make sure that your own sketch sheets are printed in a high enough quality so that they may be scanned and processed by InsperaScan.

Please note that InsperaScan is also dependent on the thickness of the paper. If you are certain that your printer settings are correct, but InsperaScan is giving you errors, please try again using a thicker piece of paper.

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