For grader and planner.

Inspera Assessment has support for two "workflows" for explanations of grades.


1.  Not administrated Explanations (basic functionality)

This functionality is not set by the planner of the test.  This means that the grader can choose which candidates to write explanations for, and publish the explanations themself. The grader does this by using the Grader tool. 

Read more about the basic functionality for explanations of grades here


2. Administration of explanations

Administrated explanations of grades is a functionality that has to be activated by the institution. This means that the planner of the test has to activate this functionality under Options of the test.


When this functionality is activated, the process of explanations will be followed up and administered by the planner of the test.

The planner (study administration) can administer the following:

  • Which candidates that is going to have explanation. This can be selected for all candidates or for individual candidates.
  • Allow the grader to send explanations directly to candidates. If this is selected, the grader can choose to send a explanation when it is ready.
  • Both the planner and the grader can send explanations marked Ready to the candidates.
  • Set a time limit for explanations. One deadline for all explanations is set.


Read more about Administration of explanations for graders.

Read more about Administration of explanations for planner.

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