Candidate-selected questions - information for graders

This is available for Graders.

Information: This feature requires activation by the Service Desk.

Inspera Assessment offers a setting that allows candidates to choose which questions they answer. The author sets this up in the preparation phase. The candidates will see a certain number of questions, and then they will select some of these to answer. How many they can answer is decided by the author. 

As a grader, you will not see the questions the candidate didn't answer, only the ones they actively selected and submitted. Ideally, the candidates should select the maximum allowed number of questions to submit, but they are free to select fewer. You may therefore see that the number of answered questions can vary between the candidates. 

If a section of the test has candidate-selected questions, you will see a yellow information banner that tells you that the candidate has selected questions. 


Warning: When using InsperaScan and Candidate-selected questions in tandem, if a candidate incorrectly fills in a Question code to a question that they've not selected to answer, the question submission will appear blank.


Threshold values for candidate-selected questions

The threshold values are based on the maximum achievable marks from the section with candidate-selected questions. If all questions have 10 possible marks each, and the candidate can select a total of 3 questions, the total for the section is 30 marks. This is what the thresholds are based on. 

If a candidate for some reason chooses to submit only two questions, the threshold values are still based on the section total, which is 30 marks. Even if the candidate can only achieve a maximum of 20 marks for the selected questions. 

This is an example of the above, where a candidate has selected only two of a possible three questions. This shows that the candidate can not achieve full marks for the section.



In this example, by editing the threshold values, you can make sure that the candidate who selected two of three available questions can not achieve a higher grade than C because the threshold for B is set to 21. 



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