List of DNS names

This page provides a list of DNS (Domain Name System) names used from Inspera Assessment in the context of a test taker, including necessary support for supported plugins.

It also contains a list of outgoing IP addresses from Inspera Assessment that are used by some of our integrations.

Please note the lists are subject to change. Contact Inspera support to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.


Functional area
<marketplace> / <marketplace> The core service Required

Static assets for the dashboard


Static assets for the test player



S3 bucket used for static assets and file upload Required

Fonts Required




Websockets for push notifications handling some real-time configuration changes in the player and also messages to test takers Required

Spell checker in CKeditor (Essay) Required if using spellchecker in essay question  Amazon Polly Text to Speech  Required if using Text to speech reading aid - will be deprecated in Q2 2021 - will be deprecated in Q2 2021

Client side error tracking (TrackJS) Required if TrackJS is activated Sending initial usage data if using Geogebra on a question. Only relevant if Geogebra is enabled on the tenant. The code is loaded from the main Cloudfront) Required if using Geogebra

Inspera Integrity Browser


Required if using IIB

Inspera Integrity Browser

Certificate checks

Required if using IIB


Environment IP address  Comment
Inspera Assessment Production For traffic coming from Inspera

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