Introduction to appeals (reassessment) in Inspera Assessment

This feature is included in all plans and is available for committee based grading.

If a candidate appeals they can be moved into an appeals committee for a reassessment. There are some restrictions in place, most importantly that the original grader cannot reassess the same candidate. 

Norwegian users manage most of the appeals process in FS, and some of the options described in the documenation will not be available for tests that are linked to FS. Tests that are linked to FS will be automatically synchronised thoughout the grading process to make sure that updated committees are automatically transferred to Inspera.


We are introducing new concepts for reassessment

Approval of grades per candidate, and individual grading deadline

As long as the first round of grading is complete, candidates can be moved to a reassessment round at any time. This calls for flexibility in when a reassessment can be completed and is solved by allowing graders to approve grades for individual candidates at individual times. 

Individual grading deadline is a new candidate property in Inspera Assessment. The grading deadline is set in the candidate list, and is visible both in Monitor and for the grader in the candidate list in grading.

Assessment round

The assessment round field is a new property for candidates and committees. A candidate and/or a committee is at any time in either of the following states:

1 - Regular
2 - Appeal
(3 - Appeal)
(4 - Appeal)

The candidate can have several assessment rounds, and the number will increment by 1 for each round.


Requirements for activation of the reassessment feature

If you want to activate reassessment, please contact Service Desk. Reassessment requires committe based grading and is not available for non committe grading.

For Norwegian customers with an FS integration who also want to have automatic transfer of appeals from FS, we require a signed document that grants API access to Unit. This document will be provided to you by Service Desk. 


How does the integration with FS work?

Automatic sync with FS is extended to 98 days after test end time. The purpose is to get the appeals committees transferred automatically. Marking a committee in FS as an appeals committee will also edit the assessment round in Inspera for that committee.

The appeals candidates will be automatically transferred to Inspera a short time after the appeal is registered in Inspera. Because the appeals committees and the appeals candidates are not transferred using the same methods, a manual synchronisation with FS will not transfer any appeals candidates. 

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