What is new when appeals are activated

When appeals (reassessment) is activated, this will come with a set of extra features. The most noticeable are committee widgets, and a new option for grader workflow.

There will be new columns in Monitor, and an option to set an individual grading deadline for candidates.

For regular Inspera Assessment tests all new fields and settings are editable, but for tests with an active FS link (Norwegian customers), some of these options will be disabled. 


New features

Committee widgets, visible directly below candidate widgets in the test setup.



New grading workflow for individual confirmation of grades. This setting is available in the test settings, under grading workflow. If this is set here, it will apply to all committees, both regular and appeals.



Settings for grading workflow per committee is introduced. By opening the committee list from the widget shown above, you will be able to set specific workflows for the committees. The general rule is that the workflow is inherited from the test settings.




New editable field for candidates - grading deadline.

This field is not editable on tests with an active connection to FS.




New columns in candidate list (monitor), assessment round, camdidate level grading deadline, and grade verification. Verification of grades is optionally available for Norwegian customers with an FS integration. 


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