InsperaScan - Importing scanned files to Inspera Assessment

This article is applicable for InsperaScan 1.0 and 2.0. 

This article is about how Planner imports Scantron sketches into Inspera Assessment, and how to verify number of submitted sketches . 


Importing scanned files to Inspera Assessment


Verify number of submitted sketches


Importing scanned files to Inspera Assessment

Note: The sketches will automatically be added to the correct submission by unique codes for each candidate. 


Recommended workflow 

  1. Click the Import icon to open the Import sketches view.Skjermbilde1234.JPG
  2. Click Select files to browse the files on your computer.
  3. Select the files you would like to Import. Depending in whether you use InsperaScan 1.0 or 2.0, the default folder for InsperaScan files is either C:\Scanner\ScanTools Plus\Data Files\ or C:\CADA\InsperaScan\Export\Sessionname_clips.
  4. Click Open.
  5. All the sketches with status "Successfully Imported" has now been added to the correct candidate and the correct test.Skjermbilde789.JPG
  6. After the Import is complete mark this on the cover sheet for all candidates.
 Note: Importing the same file multiple times is fine. These will not be duplicated, just overwritten.


Key functionality in the "Import sketches" view


  1. Clicking the file name opens the sketch in a new window
  2. Click the candidate ID to open or edit the sketches for that candidate
  3. "Show errors only" will hide all successfully imported sketches from the overview 
  4. Status will be "Successfully imported" when successful
  5. If status is "Import failed" there will be an error message included for each file


Status messages

These are the possible status messages.

  • Uploading...
  • Successfully imported
  • Import failed. File extension not allowed (Allowed file types are: .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp)
  • Import failed. File is too large (max size per file 1GB)
  • Import failed. Candidate has not submitted yet
  • Import failed. Wrong filename format
  • Import failed. Question code not recognized in any of your tests
  • Import failed. Question code not recognized in this test
  • Import failed. Sketch belongs to another test
  • Import failed. File has no extension
  • Import failed. File is too small


Verify number of submitted sketches

In Monitor, you can verify that the number of submitted sketches corresponds to the number of imported sketches. This is visible in the Sketches column by adding a filter.


Note: This verification requires that you have already:
  1. Registered the number of sketches as described in InsperaScan - Checklist and information for invigilator.
  2. Imported the sketches.


Adding the Sketches column in Monitor

Open Monitor and click Columns > Sketches.


The column for Sketches will then be visible inside Monitor. Any candidate with submitted and imported sketches will have two numbers. If everything is as it should be these two numbers will correspond.

  • The first number shows how many sketches were registered by the invigilators.
  • The second number shows imported sketches.



Using filters to see candidates with potential mismatch

When you have Monitor open and have added the Sketches column you can check potential mismatches.

In Monitor click to following:  Filters > Properties: All  > Sketches mismatch.





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