Inspera Assessment offers the option of limiting invigilators to certain buildings and rooms. The prerequisite for this feature is that location information is added to candidates. When location information is added, the planner can limit invigilators to rooms in the contributor list.

This feature requires activation.

Open the contributor list in the test and add the name of the room to the relevant invigilators.


The name of the room must be identical to the name of the room that you have added as location information to the candidate.

How-to for invigilators

As an invigilator who is assigned to a room, please note that the assignment is in context of a particular test. That means that you have to open the test, and open the candidate list from the widget on the test front page.

If you are assigned as an invigilator with room restriction on several tests, the candidate list has to be opened from each of these tests. 

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