InsperaScan - Preparations before the exam

This article is applicable for InsperaScan 1.0 and 2.0. 

This article will tell you the preparations that needs to be done before the exam, both in Inspera and the exam facilities, if you want to use sketches (Scantron) on the test.


Setup in Inspera Assessment

Start by activating sketches on the test. This must be done before the test is activated, as the sketch codes required will not be accessible for the candidates if they have already started the test before the planner activated sketch codes.


Lock submissions when grading starts:

The grading starts when a grader assigns a mark or a grade. The purpose of this setting is to prevent sketches from being added to candidates that have already been graded. The setting can be toggled at any time, so if you need to add sketches after the grading has started all you have to do is to disable this.


Preparations in the exam facilities

Give the candidates a cover sheet with as many sheets of sketch paper as required. The cover sheet is not strictly necessary but it contains instructions for the candidate on how to fill out the sketch paper properly.

You can print new cover sheets at any time, because they are not scanned there are no requirements for printing. You can find cover sheets here


Sketches can be ordered at Insperas homepage


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