InsperaScan - Handwritten digital exams

This article is applicable for InsperaScan 1.0 and 2.0. 

Inspera Assessment offers premium functionality to allow for hand written pages to be added to submissions in a secure way. Please contact Service Desk for demonstrations and quotes.

The candidates write their answer on special paper that is later scanned and automatically added to the corresponding test, candidate, and question in Inspera. If Scantron sketches are activated on a test, there will be a unique code added to each question for each candidate. This code identifies the candidate, test, and question.


When scanning the sketches the pages are automatically added to the correct candidate and question. 

The sketches are available for the graders along with the regular submission. 


Practical information

Usually the appropriate number of sketch sheets are handed out at the beginning of the exam, contained within a sketch sheet folder. The Inspera provided version of the sketch sheet folder is in A3 and contains four pages. Print it as a booklet, portrait oriented, and double sided.

You can find sketch sheets here:

Note: The scanner software is sensitive, and the printed sheets have to be exactly right to scan and register properly. 


Further documentation

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2. InsperaScan - Preparation before the exam

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4. InsperaScan - Troubleshooting

5. InsperaScan 1.0 (Scantron) - How-to guide for scanning // InsperaScan 2.0 - How-to guide for scanning

6. InsperaScan - Import scanned files to Inspera Assessment



See also InsperaScan - Sketches for Graders to see the grader view after scanning.

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