Send message to Candidates

Available for Invigilators, Chief Invigilators and Planner.

Send an instant message to one or several candidates. The message immediately appears on the candidate’s screen if the candidate is in progress. Use the search function image-0.png or Filters image-1.png to find a specific group of candidates

  • A maximum 1500 candidates can receive a message in one sending.

  • The message will only be sent once, and we can currently not offer receipts of received or read messages to the person who sent the message.

  • A log entry will be added showing who sent the message and when it was sent, the contents of the message, and which candidates the message was sent to.

  • Messages will remain in the candidate's message center, across all tests, and a tip is to mention the specific test the message relates to, to avoid later confusion. The test name is not automatically added to the message, but it is time stamped. 
Note: Candidates must be online and in progress to receive messages instantly. If a message is sent when the candidate is not online, the message will be delivered when they enter the dashboard.



Send a Message to a single candidate

1. In Monitor tool, select a candidate and click Send message


2. Add a subject and then write a message in the message box. Click Send.

3. The message immediately appears on the candidate's screen if the candidate is in progress:



Send a Message to Multiple Candidates

1. In Monitor tool, use the search function image-0.png on top of the candidate list or Filters image-1.png on top-right corner to find a specific group of candidates.
The message will be sent to all candidates in the current filter, maximum 1500 candidates, so ensure only the candidates the message is indented for are displayed.

3. At the top, next to the candidate count, click the drop down menu. Then Send message to all.


4. Add a subject and then write a message in the Message box. Click Send.
The message immediately appears on the candidates' screen if they are in progress (in this example - all 77 candidates)


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