Candidate list - add location information to candidate

Available for planner.

Information about the candidates physical location can be added in the candidate list.

For tests that are created via API or an integration with an external system, this can be added to the source data and be automatically updated in Inspera. 

The second option is to do a manual update in the candidate list in Inspera. There are two separate fields, one for building and one for room. This is useful if the candidates on a test are located in different rooms in the same building or even in different buildings. None of the fields are required, so you can choose to use both, or just one of them.

The third option is to add the room and building to a CSV import of candidates. 

Having this information added to the candidate is a prerequisite for using the functionality for limiting invigilators to rooms.


How to add room and building information in Monitor

1. Open the candidate list in the test and select the candidate(s) you want to add location information to.

2. In the actions banner, choose Location. Add building and/or room and click Update. The information you add will overwrite existing locations for selected candidate(s).

To see the building and room added to the candidates, you have to open the columns in the candidate list.

How to add room and building information in a CSV import

Note: This applies to SSO candidates only.

Follow the instructions in this article about candidate types.

The format for the CSV file is as follows:

Candidate ID, SSO user ID, extra time, Building name, Room name


Building and room cannot be added to candidates on tests that are connected to some external systems. If the option is missing in the user interface, it is expected that information on building and room is provided by the external system. 

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