InsperaScan - Sketches for Graders

This article is applicable for InsperaScan 1.0 and 2.0. 

If there are sketches attached to the submission, these will be available for the grader on each individual question. The sketch will be placed under the actual question in the submission. 

The number of sketches associated with the question is displayed at the top right. If there are more sketches than one, they will be placed below each other. 



Four blue buttons are available per sketch (see image above). Each button has a descriptive text when you hover over with your mouse pointer:

  1. Rotate left
  2. Rotate right
  3. Reset
  4. Open sketch in new tab / window


Hovering your mouse pointer over the sketch gives you the ability to use zoom and panning. Click on the sketch to enable it. 

Note: Navigation between questions/candidates will reset all changes to the sketch.

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