Introduction to Inspera Assessment

A few highlights of what the platform Inspera Assessment is and can do.




Introduction to Authoring

A quick explanation on the basic concepts of creating questions.




Introduction to Deliver

A quick explanation on the basic concepts of the Deliver module.




Create a Test

How to create, set up and activate a test from scratch




Creating Questions

Learn how to create manually and automatically marked questions.
And how to add Questions from the Question Bank.




Creating test templates

Templates can save your organisation a lot of work.
Learn how to create them.




Using test templates

Create tests faster and easier with predefined templates.




Sections in Question Sets

Organise your question set using sections.




Demo Tests

All students should take a demo test prior to the actual exam. Learn how to make one.




User Administration

How to add academic and administrative staff as users of Inspera Assessment.




Getting started with Learning Analytics

Introduction to Learning Analytics




Question Analytics

Find out how your Questions perform in a test.




Question Set Analytics

How was the quality of the question in your test?




Learner Analytics

Dive in and find data on your learners performance.




Contributors on a Test

How to add the users that need to contribute in the planning, creation and conduction of the test.




The list views

How to navigate and use the list views in Inspera Assessment.




Sharing questions and Question sets

Learn how to share your content with colleagues and co-authors.

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