Assessment feedback

Information: This feature requires activation. Please contact the Service Desk for more information.

This is available for Planners.

Within Assessment feedback, you can release a common feedback statement to all candidates once grades have been finalized. 

Purpose of common feedback on the assessment:

  • Address common areas of improvement and provide guidance applicable to all candidates.
  • Help candidates understand common expectations and provide specific suggestions for improvement.
  • Serve as a baseline for candidates to develop their skills and knowledge in the subject area.


How to enable Assessment feedback

  1. Within the Test settings, under General settings, click Enable Candidate Report and Marking 2.0.
  2. Within After test, click Enable general feedback for assessment.

Assessment Feedback cannot be edited after the Candidate Report has been released. This release time and date is set in Deliver under General Settings > Candidate Report as described in here.

This will enable the setting "Share Assessment Feedback with candidates". This setting controls if the assessment should be shared with the candidates. It can be changed after the test is activated.

How to use Assessment feedback

  1. After grading is completed, click the Assessment feedback workspace.
  2. You can give three types of common feedback:
    • Text feedback
    • Audio feedback
    • File attachment

Text Feedback

  1. Navigate to the text box.
  2. Enter your feedback directly into the text box.
    • You can use rich text formatting options, such as bold, italics, bullet points, etc., to enhance the presentation of your feedback.

Audio Feedback

  1. Click Record to start the audio recording.
    • Record your feedback using a microphone or built-in audio input.
    • There is no time limit for audio recordings.

File Attachment

  1. Click Attach file to attach a file.
  2. Select the desired file from your computer or device.
    • Note that any file type can be attached.

Assessment feedback within Candidate report

If the "Share Assessment Feedback with candidates" setting in the After Test settings is selected, the common feedback given to all candidates will appear in the Candidate report as follows:


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