Import a group via CSV

This is available for Planners.

A CSV file can be used to import a Group Submission. Users that need to establish and change groups by importing datasets with group information may find this functionality useful.




How to set up a CSV file for importing a group

CSV files for importing groups and candidate membership via CSV should contain the following information with no headers:

groupName, candidate_id
  1. To get started, you can download the CSV file with candidate IDs from the upload modal to use as a starting point. 
  2. For more information on how to set up a CSV file, visit the article Import a CSV file

How to Import group from CSV

Add your candidates 

Adding your candidates within Inspera is the first step before you can import your CSV file.  The Candidate ID within Inspera Assessment must match the Candidate ID within your CSV file.

  1. Within the Deliver module, navigate to Candidates > Click Manage.
  2. Select the drop-down menu, Add.
  3. Add your candidates using the available options:
    • One-time users
    • CSV Import (SSO)
    • Permanent users

Import your CSV

  1. Select the Submission type dropdown.
  2. Select the Choose submission type dropdown > Click Group submission.
  3. Click Import group from CSV > Click Continue.
  4. Click Upload CSV file > Upload your CSV file.

The following success message will appear if your file is uploaded correctly: File uploaded successfully.




How to edit groups

After you've uploaded your group CSV file, you can make edits to your group. In the Candidates header, click Edit groups


You have the following options within the Edit groups editor:

  • Upload CSV file: Update the CSV file and upload. You can choose to download a CSV file with the current data. 
  • Add groups: You can add/delete groups to your test, even after you upload your CSV file.
  • Start over: Start over erases all your groups simultaneously.
  • Edit group names: Make changes to group names by clicking within the Groups text box.


Once you have completed your edits, click Save.


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